Hey there! Vilte, 17. I have a lot of fandoms, and I fangirl pretty hard. I love books(mostly fiction/fantasy), and science. Other than fandoms, I'll probably just share random thoughts. Feel free to ask questions!

After Hours Love

First of all, if you’re not watching Cracked After Hours, you are missing out. They take pop culture and movies and themes and analyze them, point out unfortunate implications, it’s hilarious. In a move that would make Fictional Daniel proud, I actually have an After Hours spreadsheet. And now, I shall After Hours-ize After Hours, and provide an analysis of the affection and relationships between the characters. I would like to be absolutely clear this is about the characters as portrayed in the series, not the actual writers of Cracked.com, who deserve not to be bothered by fans who can’t tell fiction from reality. Essay under the cut.

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Happy Birthday Christopher Eccleston- 16/2

The Creation of Sherlock


So after the season finale, my boyfriend and I got talking about the various ‘people’ in Sherlock’s mind palace, and what each could represent. This led ultimately to a character analysis and a theory: Sherlock was not always emotionally distant. Sherlock is as he is (intellectually and emotionally) because Mycroft made him that way. The analysis and theory are in more detail below the cut, because I don’t want to take over your dash with a long essay.

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I need more nine love on my dash. Don’t get me wrong, I’m catching up on Doctor who and I adore Ten, but I feel like nine is under-appreciated, and I would love to see more of him. 

So like/reblog this if you post a lot of the ninth Doctor!

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everything will be explained later

i’m reblogging this because the sherlock fandom is terrifying and I’m scared that if I don’t reblog this one day I’m just going to be killed in my sleep when they rid the world of all non-believers or something and that’s what they meant by “everything will be explained later”

Not going to lie that’s why I’m reblogging this too



REBLOG: go to your blog and click the egg to see what hatches


I got Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the freaking Hedgehog.

Maybe I cracked the egg too fast.

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Advice: Pirate Clichés


also do research! some of these cliche’s are based in fact. pirates (with both eyes fine) would wear eyepatches to make it easier to switch between light (on deck) and dark (inside/below deck). basically not having to wait for night vision to readjust. 

Farewell Eleven / Vale Undecim




Whovians, we are with you. Goodbye Matt Smith.


from the Harry Potter Fandom


from the Sherlock Fandom


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From the Grey’s Anatomy Fandom


from the Benedict Cumberbatch Fandom


From the Tom Hiddleston fandom


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From The Avengers fandom (we will watch your back while you are emotionally unstable)

Dance Magic Dance

(I’ve known these lines for a while, but now that I’ve finally actually seen labyrinth, I can say with total fandom integrity):

You remind me of the Babe….